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9 Festive Holiday Table Decorating Ideas for 2023

As you decorate your home for the holidays this season, don’t forget your dinner table! It’s a perfect central location for you and your family to gather and enjoy one another’s company—as well as a delicious meal. No matter which particular holiday brings you together, enjoy it at a stylishly decorated table that will garner compliments and spark conversation.

If you’ve grown weary of the “classic” holiday colors and motifs, try these festive holiday decorating ideas for your table to break you out of your annual rut. Do something a little different this year, and say hello to 2023 in style.

Go Chic with Monochrome

No matter which holiday brings you and your loved ones together, a table decorated in crisp black and white will elevate your party beyond the everyday.

Use black and white as your base colors for the table runner, placemats, and plates. Add a little sparkle with accents in festive silver or gold. Though, we recommend keeping to one or the other; for example, if your silverware is silver, use that shade in your centerpieces.

Place Focus on Kids’ Art

Do you have any artistic young ones in your household? Show your pride in their art projects by incorporating them in your table decorations. Have them decorate heavy-duty paper placemats with holiday scenes and colors, or use a sculpture of theirs as a centerpiece.

Holidays are a great chance to show off your kids’ talents, and they’ll be proud of their role as your artist in residence. Homemade decor is always a great conversation-starter!

Have a Rustic Holiday

Why not include some handcrafted dinnerware in your holiday place settings this year? Use dinnerware and serveware made of warm-toned woods such as olive and acacia for a farmhouse feel.

Combine these earthy materials with neutral tones such as rich browns and russet hues for a more unique and homey twist on holiday decor. Celebrate everything the earth has given you this year!

Mix and Match Eclectic Pieces

If you are an avid shopper at thrift stores and estate sales, bring out your favorite finds to set the table this holiday season—even if they don’t match. In fact, it’s better if they don’t! When each table setting is unique, each of your guests can choose their favorite setting and admire your taste in retro and vintage pieces.

If you’d like, try using a particular decade as a theme to tie your eclectic table together. For example, if you have a large collection of mid-century tableware, bring out your favorite 1950s plates and glasses for your big holiday dinner.

Go Green, Very Green!

Has the wintertime got you missing the sight of greenery, both outside and inside? Festoon your holiday table with plenty of faux plants. You can keep in line with a winter theme by incorporating sprigs of pine or spruce, or bring a taste of warmer climates with a variety of leafy decorations.

Top Tip:

If you plan to use any single-use dinnerware to make the cleanup process easier, go “green” in both senses of the word by utilizing eco-friendly dinnerware and serveware. Biodegradable and compostable forks, plates, and bowls come in a wide variety of pleasing colors and styles.

Light Up the Table

Winter is the coldest and darkest time of the year, so bring as much light to your table as possible with unique lit centerpieces. Incorporate twinkly string lights around the dining room, or place them in large glass vases or jars for a fairy-inspired look.

Add a few strategically-placed candles to the center of your table for a warm, flickering light source that says “festive” all over. If you’re concerned about fire hazards, use faux candles or tealights to get that flickering look.

Use Glitz, Glamour, and Gilding

One surefire way to get your holiday table to shine is by incorporating lots of shiny decor! Use a light neutral such as cream or dove grey for your table linens, then add plenty of metallic accents. Set simple white plates on gilded chargers, polish your silver candlesticks to place at the center, and use bold metallic napkin rings for plain white napkins.

Celebrate all the rich things life has given you this year—family, friends, new experiences—by creating a holiday dinner table fit for royalty.

Top Tip:

If you’re adding extra metallics to your dinner table, keep the lighting warm and ambient to avoid blinding your guests!

Let It Snow

Do you and your family eagerly await the first snow of every winter season? Bring the glittering aesthetic of a snowy landscape to your dinner table! Accent your table runner with a long sheet of artificial snow; you can find it at any store that sells miniature Christmas villages.

Drape the artificial snow around your centerpiece for that freshly-fallen look. Incorporate winter-themed decorations such as penguins, snowmen, or even the aforementioned mini Christmas village to turn your dinner table into a winter wonderland without the freezing temps.

Add a Touch of Whimsy

What was your favorite part of the holidays when you were young? The sound of jingle bells? The shine of brightly colored wrapping paper? The opportunity to watch your favorite holiday specials on TV?

Feature the most magical parts of holidays past in your table decor! Tie jingling bells onto the stems of wine glasses, and use your favorite holiday colors in placemats and dinnerware. For a centerpiece that will get everyone into the gift-giving spirit, disguise small boxes or wooden blocks as festively wrapped presents. Or wrap actual small gifts for everybody and place them at the table!

This holiday season, break out of old decorating traditions and try something new. Take inspiration from the weather outside, whether by embracing the snowy aesthetic or adding plenty of greenery to the table. Think about the things you love about the holiday season, and let your table settings reflect what makes you happy.

Let these festive holiday table decorating ideas inspire you to create a unique aesthetic or centerpiece for your big holiday dinner this year. Welcome 2023 with your family and friends by gathering around a table that shows what you love about the season.

9 Festive Holiday Table Decorating Ideas for 2023

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