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4 Essential Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table

Are you stumped on what to do with your coffee table? Do you often find it cluttered with coffee mugs and unopened mail? Think of it like a three-dimensional blank slate instead. Try one (or more!) of Sugarboo’s essential tips to style your coffee table in a way that adds visual appeal and reflects your personal style.

Bring It to Life

Add a plant or two to turn a bland coffee table into a stylish focal point in a minute or less! Even if you prefer faux plants over the real deal, a splash of greenery will wake up the coffee table you’ve been taking for granted. Try a bonsai tree, a unique succulent, or an arrangement of your favorite flowers.

Add Personality With Books

Coffee table books are called that for a reason—they’re large enough to grab guests’ attention and sturdy enough to serve as permanent decor. Pick up a few big hardcovers about your favorite subjects; do you like music history? Impressionist art? Photos of kittens dressed up in costumes? Stack three or four large books on your coffee table to create a visual anchor for your other decor items.

Arrange Unique Accessories

Plants and books are fairly common as far as coffee table accessories go. Now add a conversation starter! For example, you can drape a string of oversized wooden prayer beads over your stack of books. Your guests will admire your eclectic taste and ask you where you got the idea!

Try the Rule of Threes

Many professional interior designers like to create staggered groups of three when decorating countertops and tables. Play with height as you style your coffee table! Combine a tall, thin floral arrangement with a medium-sized stack of books and a short candle or incense burner. Voilà—your personal style is on display in a visually fascinating manner!

Have you made styling your coffee table this weekend’s home project, but you don’t know where to start? Try Sugarboo’s essential tips for creating a tableau on your table that piques guests’ interest and sparks lively conversation.

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