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5 Ways To Create the Perfect Gallery Wall for Your Home

Do you have a wall in your home that’s just crying out for some artistic expression? Turn it into a little museum of your very own. Sugarboo is here to help you create the perfect gallery wall for your home with a few easy-to-follow tips.

Measure Your Space

How expansive do you want your gallery wall to be? Will it fill up the entire wall, or do you only want to decorate a portion of it?

Use masking tape to section off the area you want to serve as your gallery wall. Measure it thoroughly as you brainstorm how many pieces of art you want to hang and how big you want each piece to be. As you shop for art to fill the space, note the measurements of each piece.

Top Tip:

To help you visualize what the wall will look like when it’s finished, make a drawing of the wall to scale. Sketch out the measurements of the pieces you want to buy (or have already bought) and play with the layout on paper before putting any holes in your wall.

Create a Color Palette

For a gallery wall that will harmonize with your existing décor, put together a palette of colors you want in your art. Narrowing down the palette will help you choose pieces that won’t clash or compete with one another for attention.

Mix and Match Sizes

If all the art pieces you choose for your wall are the same size, it’ll look more like an old-fashioned photo album than a gallery wall. Use art prints and wall hangings of various sizes and dimensions!

To help you visualize the look of the wall, keep that paper sketch of the wall you made earlier. Pencil in different pieces so you can erase and reorganize them before you hang anything up.

Mix and Match Styles

What sorts of art do you like? There’s room for a little bit of everything on your wall. Hang a simple art print next to a richly colored oil painting. Or set your prints side-by-side with more three-dimensional pieces like driftwood carvings or metal wall art.

Coordinate Your Frames

When it’s time to tie all your gallery pieces together, use matching or coordinating frames to create a sense of harmony. If your wall is more minimalistic and monochrome, use sleek black frames for art prints and paintings. Or, if you’re incorporating driftwood art on your walls, frame your other pieces in various kinds of wood to pull the wall together.

You don’t need to be a museum curator to create the perfect gallery wall for your home. Sugarboo’s tips for hanging wall art in creative yet harmonious ways will help you transform your living space into an expression of artistry.

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