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Your Ultimate Guide to Unique Holiday Gifting

As we enter the biggest gift-giving season of the year, take another look at your list. How many friends and family members do you need to shop for? Have any of them been giving you subtle hints in recent months as to what they want?

Some loved ones are easier to shop for than others. Perhaps your sister sends you ideas and links to what she wants, while your nephew shrugs and simply asks for money. This holiday season, develop a reputation as a thoughtful giver of unique gifts—not just envelopes stuffed with cash!

Sugarboo has compiled a thorough and ultimate guide to unique holiday gifting to help you brainstorm gift ideas that will wow your loved ones. Choose thoughtful presents based on your family and friends’ personalities, interests, needs, and wants!

For the Collector

Do you have a friend or loved one who loves to collect? Next time you visit them, take note of their collections and start a conversation about them. People love to talk about their hobbies and interests—and they may give you an idea for the perfect gift without realizing it!

Maybe they are searching for a particular coin or figurine to round out their collection. Why not find that piece on your own? When you give somebody a unique item they adore, they’ll know that you genuinely listen to them and care about their hobby as much as they do.

For the Minimalist

What about the declutterers and tidying experts in your circle? What do you buy for somebody who places less emphasis on “stuff”?

Buy them something they mention needing or wanting. If they often misplace their keys, buy them a sleek key holder to mount on their wall. Have they been on an organizing kick lately? Give them a set of sturdy yet visually appealing baskets to hold their odds and ends.

Pro Tip:

Avoid buying cleaning supplies or equipment as a gift unless they ask for a specific item. Not everybody will be thrilled to unwrap a brand-new vacuum cleaner!

For the Music Lover

If you have a dedicated music enthusiast in the family, learn more about their favorite artists and give them a new way to listen to them.

Do they have a record player? Vinyl has made a comeback in recent years; pick up a vinyl edition of one of their favorite albums. If you rarely see your loved one without their trusty earbuds, give them a pair of high-quality headphones or wireless earphones to up their listening game.

For the Beauty Buff

Plenty of families have at least one person who loves skincare and beauty. If you know their go-to products, put together a small basket of their favorites!

To tie the gift together, include a zippered canvas makeup bag with a quote or design that reminds you of them. It’ll combine function, style, and the loving thought you put into choosing it! Your loved one will think of you every time they apply makeup or do their skincare routine.

For the Crafter

Inspire your crafty friend or relative by giving them the tools they need to keep creating! Strike up a conversation with them about their hobby. What sort of materials do they prefer to work with?

The perfect gift for a crafter will largely depend on their craft of choice. Try one of these gift ideas on for size.

  • Knitting: A set of rosewood or bamboo knitting needles
  • Jewelry making: A string of gemstone or Swarovski crystal beads
  • Scrapbooking: Patterned paper and stickers that remind you of them
  • Embroidery: A whole rainbow’s worth of floss and a fun new pattern book

For a crafter on the go, a stylish tote bag with plenty of pockets makes for a great gift too!

For the Kitchen Whiz

Who’s the master chef or baker in your family or friend circle? Show them how much you appreciate their hard work by giving them a gift that adds ease and fun to the cooking or baking process.

Gadgets like immersion blenders and air fryers will inspire them to try more creative recipes. You can also give them unique ingredients like black garlic salt or truffle-infused hot sauce!

And, of course, you can’t go wrong with a cookbook. Ask about their favorite things to make in the kitchen, whether bread loaves or petit fours, and choose a cookbook that caters to their interests.

For the Tech Guru

If you have a dedicated tech enthusiast in the family, strike up a conversation with them about their favorite gadgets. What kind of tech will make their life easier and more connected?

For the athlete who loves to log their runs, try a cutting-edge fitness tracker. Meanwhile, a new console will bring a smile to any avid gamer’s face. And for the film and TV lover, a home movie projector can bring a theater experience right to their living room.

For the Curious Kid

Buying gifts for the kiddos in your life can be tricky. You want to make them happy without adding extra stress to their parents’ lives! Quietly ask for the parents’ input as you shop; some parents have grown tired of cleaning up slime-making adventures and listening to noisy toys.

Try a low-mess science experiment kit for young scientists interested in STEM or a series of graphic novels for kids who love reading. There is also a wide selection of subscription boxes specifically geared toward kids, so the fun doesn’t have to stop after the holidays. From craft supplies to organic snacks to unique puzzle toys, there’s a kit for every kid!

For the Person Who Has Everything

There’s probably at least one person on your list who is notoriously difficult to shop for. They buy everything they need for themselves and give a noncommittal shrug when you ask them what they want for the holidays.

Resist the temptation to fill an envelope with cash and write their name on it! Consider gifting them an experience they’ll enjoy, such as a day at the spa or a rock-climbing adventure. If your loved one is more interested in helping others than pampering themselves, make a donation in their name to a cause they care about.

This holiday season, develop a reputation as a stellar gift-giver by listening to your loved ones and making subtle notes of the things they want and need. Sugarboo’s ultimate guide to giving unique holiday gifts serves as a jumping-off point; you know your loved ones better than anyone! Give them items they’ll use often, and they’ll think of you every time.

Your Ultimate Guide to Unique Holiday Gifting

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