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The Easiest DIY Succulent Arrangement

Let’s face it, not everyone has a green thumb- but that doesn’t mean you can’t have plants in your home! Greenery brings in life, even when you’re using faux plants. They represent the concept of new life, growth, and serenity and add the perfect pop of color to any space. That’s why I’m going to walk you through step by step how you can build your own faux succulent arrangement using Sugarboo products. It’s a simple process with a little guidance, and once you make one you’ll end up wanting them all over your house!

There are a few things you’ll need to get started, for this project I am using:

First, you want to use the foam to create a base inside your canvas planter. This ensures your faux succulents will stay in place and gives the illusion of soil. You can find green craft foam at your local craft store online!

Once you’ve placed your foam inside, you’re going to use the moss to cover the foam to give a more genuine and realistic look. You can use glue to hold your moss down, but for this project I don’t because I’d like to be able to easily rearrange my succulents in the future. Faux moss is available at craft stores and online!

Now you’ve got your base started so it’s time to start adding your succulents. To give the most realistic feel, you want to use varying heights and colors. Try choosing succulent stems of different species for the most visual appeal and to give you room to work with. I’ve decided to use Stem #3, two of Stem #1, Stem #2, and String of Pearl Hanging Spray. Start by using the largest succulent first and continue with the smaller sizes to make sure everything fits. Insert the stems into the foam base until you feel it get secure into place. 

Alternate the species of succulents and don’t be afraid to let some be placed at an angle or cascade down the side. Real plants don’t grow in line perfectly, so our faux ones shouldn’t either! Keep adding until you are happy with the fullness, I ended up using 5 and think it turned out great!

Great job! You now have your very own low maintenance succulent arrangement. It’s such an easy process and you don’t have to worry about trying to keep it alive! Place it wherever you please to bring a new life into the space. Create a cute vignette by complementing it with some other decor items. 

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