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May Employee Favorites

Each time you come into one of our stores we have the opportunity to get to know you. We’ve built so many relationships with our customers over the years and we love to find out which products you love best- but we thought maybe it’s time you get to know us a little better too. Each month we’ll be highlighting some of our employees favorite products so you can see just how much we love Sugarboo & Co too!

Sugarboo Stemless Wine Cup

1. Sugarboo Stemless Wine Cup

In honor of Mother's Day this month, my favorite item has to be our Sugarboo Stemless Wine Cup! I got it for her as a gift last year because she is an avid water drinker and she uses it EVERYDAY! It keeps her coffee hot in the morning and her water cold all day. I decided I had to have one for myself and now I’m hooked! 

Rebecca - General Manager, Anaheim CA

2. Sugarboo Graphic T-Shirts

The Tee Shirts! I love the look, the grey neutral color really goes with everything. I also love the sayings on them because there is so much variety. And they fit perfectly! I also love that we support local organizations because some of the styles give back to the community, like our Rescue Dog Shirt! The Rescue Dog Shirt donates 10% of the proceeds to the Humane Society, which is really awesome.

Cory - General Manager, Boca Raton FL

3. Elements Candle Collection

Elements Candle Collection

My current favorite is the Elements Candle Collection. It was one of the first projects I was a part of - I loved seeing the process and how they turned out. All the candles have such an amazing scent and they make the perfect gift! Once you have burned through the candle you can use the vessel to plant succulents or use it on your desk to hold pens or in your bathroom for makeup brushes!

Sarah - Corporate Team Member, Roswell GA

Nag Champa Incense

4. Nag Champa Incense

My all time favorite product is our Nag Champa. Why? Earthy scents are my all time favorite. Sandalwood is an earthy scent and it’s the base scent of our Nag Champa. When I burn Nag Champa at home or at work I automatically go in zen mode and I feel purified. It’s one of those scents where you take a whiff of it, and it automatically sends you to another world. Very relaxing.

Frenzy - Lead Visual Coordinator, Disney Springs FL

5Faux Succulent Stems

Succulent Stems

My current favorite items are the pots and faux plants! I just really love how greenery adds life and color to a space, and ours are really well made and very reasonably priced! It's a little bit of nature that you can't kill, and I love that! You can mix and match the pots and plants with almost limitless possibilities and use them to brighten up any spot in a home or office. Because they are artificial, they can go in dark corners where nothing else can work and add some light! I love using them in decorating, and would heartily recommend them to anyone!

Stephanie - Assistant Manager, Austin TX

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