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5 Tips To Organize Your Purse Like a Boss

What does the inside of your purse look like? Do you have to rummage through it for a minute or two to find what you want? If you need help organizing your purse like a boss, follow this handy guide to put your essentials where you’ll be able to find them in a snap.

Empty Your Purse

The first step is to dump everything out of your purse, including anything in the side pockets. Lay everything out in front of you and take stock of what you have in there. Got any candy wrappers, old receipts, or crumpled bits of cellophane floating around? Throw out all that trash so you can focus on organizing your everyday essentials.

Top Tip:

While you go through the following steps to organize your purse’s contents, air out the purse itself. Sprinkle a little baking soda inside to freshen up the bag, and wipe off the outside if it has any stains or sticky spots.

Sort Your Items

Now that you can see all the non-trash items you’ve been carrying in your purse, start sorting them into piles. Place like items together, including a pile for makeup, a pile for business cards, and so on.

Do you have duplicates of anything, like mascara wands or tissue packs? Put the extras elsewhere; you only need one of each in your purse.

Use Pouches for Storage

Instead of leaving your items to float freely in your purse, try filling your purse with smaller pouches and bags. Sugarboo’s canvas zippered pouches are the perfect size for makeup essentials like mascara, lipstick, and tinted moisturizer. If you find a bunch of loose coins at the bottom of your purse, put them in a handy coin pouch next to your wallet.

Use Pockets Wisely

Does your purse have pockets or zippered compartments? Think strategically about what you want to put in there—those pockets are perfect for items you use a great deal. Perhaps you can designate an outer zippered pocket for phone storage while keeping pads and tampons in an inner compartment.

Make the System Work for You

Everyone who carries a purse uses this accessory differently. Some like to have a separate pouch or pocket for everything, while others prioritize quick and easy access. Experiment with your purse’s organizational system and make adjustments as necessary. For example, if you don’t want to go through a makeup pouch just to reach your lip balm, keep a tube in a handy outer pocket instead.

Organize your purse like a pro with these handy tips, and soon you’ll grow accustomed to your new organizational system. Never waste time rummaging for your wallet or sunglasses again!

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