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5 Ways To Make Artwork Stand Out in Your Home

If you’ve got an art collection that you want to display with pride in your home, this guide will help you. There are plenty of ways to make artwork stand out in your home, so start curating and creating your own home gallery today!

Use Colorful Frames

Make the artwork in your home stand out by placing your favorite pieces in colorful frames. You can even paint the frames yourself using hues that complement the colors in the art. For example, if you have a painting with lots of cool purples and blues, consider highlighting them with gold or yellow frames.

Play Around With Size

Add visual interest to your art wall (or walls) by arranging wall art prints of different sizes next to one another for an eclectic look.

On the other hand, if you want to maintain a more classic style, line up prints of similar sizes directly in line with one another.

Mix and Match Styles

Let your art spark conversation among family and guests by hanging art pieces of different styles next to one another. Hang watercolor nature scenes next to bold modern prints, for example, and tie the room together by using matching or coordinating frames.

Create a Cohesive Vibe

Even though you may have fun mixing and matching colors, styles, and sizes, you should maintain cohesion in your décor by choosing a theme or vibe and sticking to it.

Hanging art in your kitchen? Consider a food or nature theme. Want to make your living room a dedicated chill zone? Keep your palette on the cooler side of the color wheel. Think blues, greens, and purples.

Add a Little Levity

Incorporate wit or humor into your art wall! Choose an art print with a funny phrase or saying, or frame a silly painting or photograph that makes you laugh. Art doesn’t have to be stodgy; inject some humor into your décor to elevate your gallery wall.

Want to make the artwork in your home stand out? Decide on a theme or vibe for your space. Then, decorate according to it while mixing and matching colors, styles, and sizes. Sugarboo’s wall art prints make wonderful centerpieces or accents to any wall of artwork.

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