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5 Ways To Give Your Home Some Much-Needed Personality

Living in a space that reflects your unique personality is a great boon to your mental well-being. Why not spruce up your plain walls and rooms with decor that shows off your eclectic taste and displays items that are important to you? Try out a few of these tips and give your home some much-needed personality with a little help from Sugarboo.

Don’t Match Too Much

When choosing furniture and decor for your home, prioritize picking individual items that make you smile. Avoid creating a living room that looks like a sterile showroom by choosing furnishings one at a time, and feel free to mix different patterns you enjoy.

Display Unique Souvenirs

Have you amassed a collection of bits and bobs from your travels? Put those souvenirs in a place of pride, like a mantel or a floating shelf, and they’ll be sure to spark conversation among your guests.

Frame Meaningful Quotes

If you are inspired by reading, put some words up on your wall and frame them as art. Sugarboo carries a wide selection of paper quotes that will display sentiments that have special meaning to you. Choose a passage that makes you smile, makes you think, or motivates you to live your best life.

Show Off Your Own Art

Are you an artist or a crafter? Place the fruits of your labor in spots where you and your guests can see them easily. Whether you create macrame wall hangings, crochet cozy blankets, or paint watercolor scenes, prioritize those pieces in your decor. After all, they’re truly one of a kind!

Incorporate Thrift Finds

Frequenting thrift stores and antique malls is a great way to find pieces that are no longer widely available. Pore over antique furniture, retro wall art, and vintage decorations that will set your home apart from others.

If your home needs some personality, consider these tips and think outside the proverbial box as you decorate. Shop for individual pieces that make you smile, display souvenirs that remind you of good times, and prioritize your own happiness in your space. With these ideas, your guests will ooh and ahh at the rooms you’ve made truly your own.

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